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The Big Day!

It's hard to believe the time is already upon us when Maddy's puppies will be going to their forever homes 🍂🍂 These past 8 weeks have brought so much joy to our family and also brought new friends and families into our lives that we will forever cherish.

With puppy take home date quickly approaching, we would like to offer some tips for making this day as smooth as possible:

⭐️ Make your home puppy-proofed by removing dangerous items, such as small objects puppy could choke on, poisonous plants or electrical cords.

⭐️ Introduce your puppy to their new home slowly. Don't let puppy loose in your entire house right away. Start by introducing them to one room at a time. This will help them feel less overwhelmed and make it easier for you to supervise them.

⭐️ Take your puppy outside to go to the bathroom frequently, especially after eating, drinking, or sleeping. Puppies are fully litter boxed trained. Having a small litter box for their crate or play area is essential at this time of transition.

⭐️ Take plenty of pictures and videos of your puppy on their take-home day. This is a special day that you'll want to remember for years to come ❤️

There is currently one spot open for puppy selection, please reach out through our website for more information if you are interested in bringing home a bundle of joy this Thanksgiving 🍁

We hope you all have a blessed holiday season

Happiness Is Born Here!

Homestead_doodles 🐾🐾🐾

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