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The non-refundable deposits are $500.  Each deposit reserves the order in which the buyer chooses a puppy from a specific litter; the order in which the deposit is received determines the order in which the puppies are selected.  Deposits do not reserve specific puppies based on the sex or color of the puppy.  Individual puppies are not reserved until litter selection occurs at 8 weeks of age.


For each litter we accept a limited number of deposits prior to birth.  All other interested parties are placed on a waiting list and will be contacted about any available puppies after birth.  In the event of a failed pregnancy or small litter, the deposit would be returned in full or transferred to the next available litter choice based upon the buyer’s preference.  Deposits which are transferred to another litter will not “bump” deposits already placed on the alternative litter.


Females are highly desirable and are generally chosen first.  To ensure a female is available for choosing, we recommend placing a deposit prior to birth.


Our prices are currently $3,000 plus sales tax.


The full purchase price (less the deposit) is due when the puppy is picked up.  Final payments must be made using Venmo, Cash App or cashiers check.  Credit card and PayPal payments are not accepted for final payments.


All of our dogs are registered with the CKC (Continental Kennel Club); the sires are generally registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club), CKC or similar breed registry.  After the buyer provides proof that the dog has been altered (spayed or neutered), the buyer will be supplied with an application to register with the CKC or another equivalent registry.  In rare instances individual litters may not qualify for registration.


At Homestead Doodles, we pride ourselves in the quality of dogs we produce and the care we provide.  We genetically test all of our dogs to ensure our puppies will bring a lifetime of joy and companionship to their forever families.  The genetic testing we do provides our customers with peace of mind knowing that there are no abnormalities with the breeding parents.  In addition to the standardized health testing, we provide our clients with a short term (7-day) and long term (24-month) health guarantee.



When your puppy leaves the care of Homestead Doodles, they will have:

  • a 2-year health guarantee

  • several deworming treatments

  • the first series of puppy vaccinations

  • a veterinary health check

  • a stuffy containing the litters scent to help with transitioning to a new home

  • lifelong support for you and your puppy


Homestead Doodle’s offers out of state shipping via air-cargo to select locations.  All shipping costs (including air fare, shipping create, supplies and health certificate) are included in a simple flat fee.  The shipping and handling fee is due along with the full purchase price of the puppy a minimum of ten (10) days prior to shipment.


Contact us for more information on out-of-state shipping or flying with a puppy.


We are located in the shadows of Mt. Rainier and reside in the community of Buckley, WA.

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