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Residence Type
Ownership Type
Liability Insurance Type
Do you have a fully fenced yard?
Will you use a tehered dog run?
Is there a dog currently living at your residence?
Are all domesticated animals living at your residence altered (spayed or neutered)?
Do you have experience raising a puppy?
Do you have experience raisng an intact dog (not spayed or neutered)?
Are you willing to keep the Guardian Dog as an indooor pet?
Are you willing to train the Guardian Dog basic obedience commands?
Are you willing to transport the Guardian Dog to the Breeder with short notice as necessitated by the Guardan contract?
Are you willing to crate train the Guardian Dog?
Are you willing adequately socialize the Guardian Dog with other people and domestic pets?
Are you willing to attend to the Guardian Dog's estrus cycles, report the first sign of blood, and keep the Guardian Dog diapered and leashed for the full duration of each cycle?
Are you currently employed?
What is your gross annual household income?
I understand that, if accepted as a Guardian, I am financially responsible for all pet related expenses for the Guardian Dog including vaccinations, flea medication, annual health exams, food, pet licensing, grooming, and veterinary expenses related to sickness or injury.
I understand that, if accepted as a Guardian, the Breeder retains full legal rights to the Guardian Dog according to the terms and conditions of the Guardian Home Contract, until the completion of breeding obligations.
I understand that upon completion of breeding obligations, ownership rights will be transferred from Breeder to Guardian upon proof of alteration. Guardian may not, at any time, breed the Guardian Dog independent of Breeder.
To the best of my knowledge, the information I have provided in this Guardian Application is true, complete and accurate. I understand that submission of this application does not ensure that I will be accepted as a Guardian.

Thanks for your interest in our Guardian Home program. Happiness is born here!

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