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Puppyhood: What to Expect at 6 to 8 Weeks

As the weeks go by, not only is your little fur ball getting bigger and more full of energy, you are falling more in love with their sweet little face and funny personality.

When they finally leave the care of their mother, they will depend on you to show them the ropes.

By now, your pup is quite playful and requires a bit more room than their whelping box. Expanding their pen also gives them a chance to relieve themselves away from their main play area. This lays the foundation for potty training. As much as possible, expose your fur baby to pawsitive human interaction. As they explore their surroundings, they should start showing trepidation of new places and things. This is normal. Encourage them to be brave! You can even take them outside. At this point, since they have not been vaccinated, keep them away from other animals. We hope you have enjoyed this post of puppy adventures!

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