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Exciting news! Five new furry friends have joined our family 🐾 🐾🐾

Meet Lulu and Russell’s precious mini red Goldendoodles 🤍 they’ve already captured our hearts! We can’t wait to share many adventures and cuddles with all of you 💕💕

Lulu is an amazing first time mama, her birthing experience was seamless & she is extremely attentive to all her babies ✨only leaving them to quickly eat and then returns to nursing, cleaning and snuggling 🥰

Lulu had a litter of 5 puppies, we currently have 3 spots available for adoption. Russell is OFA CERTIFIED and PENNHIP CERTIFIED for hips, eyes & elbows. Both Lulu and Russell are clear of genetic disorders, testing done through Paw Prints Genetics and Embark. Healthy puppies begin with healthy parents 🌼

Contact us with any questions you may have


Happiness Is Born Here!

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