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Breed: Goldendoodle - F1b

Litter: Maddy & Walker - ME623

Gender: Male

Born: Late September 2023

Deposit: $500 (non-refundable)

 Cost: $2,299 (plus sales tax)


*F1b - Goldendoodle

*Born late September 2023

* Male

* 20 - 25 lbs at maturity

* approximately 14 inches tall at maturity

* CKC registerable after altering

*  Well socialized

* Loving and playful

* Affectionate and loyal

* Low shedding and hypoallergenic

Clifford is a miniature F1b Goldendoodle.  He will weigh approximately 20 - 25 pounds at maturity and will  stand approximately 15 inches tall at the shoulders when fully grown.  Clifford will be eligible for CKC registration upon proof of alteration (neuter).  Clifford has a beautiful golden and wavy coat.  Clifford is inquisitive and loves to investigate everything in the yard.  He loves meeting new people and enjoys playful encounters with the cat.  Clifford plays hard but always loves a good snuggle.  Clifford is crate and litterbox trained.  Additionally, he is working on potty training and obedience commands.

Maddy is Clifford's mom.  Maddy is an F1 Golden doodle who weights approximately 39 lbs and stands approximately 17 inches a the shoulders.  Maddy is CKC registered and has been genetically screened through Paw Prints Genetics.  Maddy is playful, loving and very affectionate and loving with her puppies.

Walker is Clifford's dad.  Walker is a Minatare Moyen Poodle with a very petite body frame and curly deep red coat.  He weighs approximately 10 pounds and stands 14 inches tall at the shoulders.  Walker is registered with the AKC and has been genetically screened through Paw Prints Genetics.

To make a deposit, please use the link below.  Deposits are accepted on a first come first serve basis. 


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