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Summer Pupdates 🤩

It’s hard to believe that summer is finally here and we have so many new announcements from Homestead doodles! Lulu and Russell‘s puppies are two weeks old ✨ Their eyes and ears have opened which brings a whole new world of exploration and excitement. Russell is a gorgeous straight coat boy, paired with Lulu’s curly red coat the puppies have a mix of solid and white markings with stunning red, wavy coats. All puppies will be double furnished, making them least likely to shed and great candidates for someone with allergies. Lulu is 22 pounds, Russell is charting 30 pounds. These pups will be an amazing size for all families still on the smaller side but big enough for big dog activities. Puppy take home date will be August 8th and 9th.

Both Lulu and Russell have been cleared of genetic disease through Paw Prints Genetics & Embark. We only breed dogs with amazing temperaments and clear health testing. Our puppies receive ample amounts of time with all three of our children being homeschooled, the puppies always have people around them, holding and snuggling them 🤩

At Homestead Doodles, we incorporate early

neurological stimulation, beginning days 3 through 16 which gives puppies a great start to becoming adaptable to all situations they will encounter in life.

We currently have three puppy spots available for Lulu and Russell’s litter, please contact us with any questions you may have.

Happiness is born here!

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