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The joy of bringing a puppy home is immense and multifaceted. It's a moment of pure, unadulterated love, excitement, and the start of a beautiful lifelong bond. Here are some of the key aspects that contribute to this joy.

Unconditional love: A puppy's love is unconditional. They greet you with wagging tails and enthusiastic licks, regardless of your mood or circumstances. Their affection is a constant source of warmth and joy, reminding you that you're loved and adored.

This is an important time for puppy socialization with other people and pets, and must be done in a safe manner. Parvo is a highly contagious virus that is very dangerous for all dogs, especially puppies who are not fully vaccinated. It is highly recommended to stay away from dog parks, or setting your puppy down in a public area until they are fully vaccinated.

When bringing your puppy home, you are welcoming a new family member into your lives ❤️ We feel extremely privileged that you have trusted us with this process, and we are here for you with any questions and guidance you may need. We love to keep in contact over the years, seeing photos and updates bring our family such joy.

Happiness Is Born Here!

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