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Height: 20"

Weight: 48 lbs

Born: July, 2019

Breed: Goldendoodle - F1b



Height: 19"

Weight: 40 lbs

Born: August, 2019

Breed: Goldendoodle -MG

Breed: Goldendoodle - F2

Arrival: January 2022

Deposit: $500 (non-refundable)

Cost: $2,800 (plus 9.4% sales tax)


Izzy is a parti-colored F1b Goldendoodle and has medium body frame.  She is approximately 48 pounds and stands approximately 19 inches tall at the shoulders. Izzy is registered with the Continental Kennel Club.


Winston is the sire for this litter of F2 puppies.  Winston has a medium body frame and a reddish/golden wavy coat.  He weighs approximately 40 pounds and stands 19 inches tall at the shoulders.  Winston is registered with the Goldendoodle Association of North America.

The puppies from this litter have a have a unique array of colors including browns, blacks, and creams.  Many of the puppies have a mixture of colors including one with a beautiful tuxedo coat.  At maturity, these puppies will have a small to medium stature and range in size from 40-45 pounds.

Both the sire and dam have been genetically screened and receive regular checkups by a licensed veterinarian.  Both parents have excellent overall health.

Happiness is born here!  

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